What's more timeless than a diamond? Since its beginning, Messika has striven to create jewellery pieces outside traditional boundaries and has succeeded in combining the timelessness of diamonds with modernity.

Valérie Messika decided to create a new way to wear diamonds, more casual, more rock and less statutory. With its rich history in Parisian fashion design, Messika pieces are designed with comfort in mind to accompany women in their freedom of movement. Discover Messika's fine jewellery, including rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings, available at Bijouterie Italienne.


Discover Messika Collections

Move Classic

The jewellery collection Move Classic is an iconic and landmark debut of the Messika's heritage. The pieces in this collection have surpassed the status of jewels, they are full of poetry!

With three diamonds held tightly in their precious tracks, the pieces bring the magic of diamonds to life.


Lucky Eye

The Messika Lucky Eye collection is a bold and elegant diamond jewellery collection. This collection of talismans, with its contemporary style, will become your daily essential.


Move Uno

Messika's Move Uno collection is full of creative designs this iconic jewellery collection from Messika.



The Messika Glam’Azone collection is perfect for the one looking for bold and beautiful diamond jewellery pieces. Each jewellery piece is crafted in flawless 18K yellow gold, rose gold or white gold. Discover the Glam’Azone collection at Bijouterie Italienne and treat yourself with a statement pieces that will last you a lifetime.


Bijouterie Italienne Experience

Book an appointment to discover the Messika Luxury Jewelry Maison and explore our diamond jewellery collections : diamond rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets available at Bijouire Italienne in the heart of Little Italy. An expert will help select a special treasure for you.


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10month sago
Jason Alexander

Beautiful boutique in the heart of little Italy. Service is top notch! I love the staff - they are really great people , highly recommended!

1year ago
Massimo Barone

It’s easy to understand why this long-standing establishment is held is such high regard. The welcoming atmosphere coupled with the incredible attention to customer service and detail was felt from the minute we walked in the door. I want to thank Noah in particular who took the time, during a very busy day at the boutique, to explain all the intricacies of my purchase. You will definitely be seeing me again in the near future!

1year ago
Daniel Gergis

It was a phenomenal experience at Bijouterie Italienne! Everyone is friendly and provided my family a great experience configuring the watches we were looking for. Also, Gaby was very patient during our watch delivery, sharing valuable knowledge about these masterpieces. Huge thank you for the team!

10month sago
Hani Auron

Great experience! The team at Bijouterie Italienne took care of me from the moment I walked in the store. They treated me with respect and answered all my questions. They’ve been very helpful and offered me great advice! They never disappoint.

9month sago
Sam Chau

Bijouterie Italienne truly impressed me with their elegant store and top-notch service. The staff’s expertise helped me find the perfect piece, and their personalized approach made the experience special. I’m very happy with my purchase and can’t wait to return to Bijouterie Italienne for more! Thank you

2year sago
Jeff Corber

I purchased an amazing watch at Bijouterie Italienne. I had the pleasure of working with Michael Smith. Michael is professional, and really nice and helped me to acquire this timepiece that I’ve been trying to find for years! The experience at the store was great and they all made you feel important and comfortable! I would highly recommend Bijouterie Italienne for all your jewelry needs!