•  TUDOR's New Pelagos FXD Chrono “Cycling Edition”

     TUDOR's New Pelagos FXD Chrono “Cycling Edition”

    TUDOR's New Pelagos FXD Chrono “Cycling
    Edition” As the Giro d’Italia
    gears up to start in Turin, Italy, we're
    excited to introduce TUDOR's latest Pelagos
    FXD Chrono "Cycling Edition." Engineered
    specifically for the TUDOR Pro Cycling
    Team, this cycling-inspired chronograph
    prioritizes lightweight construction and
    functionality.   With its 43mm
    matte-black carbon composite case featuring
    fixed strap bars and a tachymeter scale on
    the dial, this watch embodies the adventurous
    spirit of the open road. The watch boasts a
    43mm matte-finished carbon composite case
    with fixed strap bars, a fixed bezel with a
    60-minute graduation, and a cycling-specific

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  • Black Bay Chrono Pink new edition marcch 2024 on a pink background


    bold can take many forms. Made in the spirit
    of the daring TUDOR ambassadors, a pink dial
    might seem unexpected at first, but going
    against the grain is part of TUDOR’s
    core DNA. That’s exactly what earned
    this daring design a place in the TUDOR
    range.” When the leader of the Giro
    d’Italia puts on the pink jersey, it's
    a badge of honor, a symbol of distinction
    earned with pride. Similarly, David Beckham's
    Inter Miami CF incorporated pink into their
    aesthetic to stand out, while Jay Chou has
    made pink his signature, a bold statement
    recognized by all. These TUDOR ambassadors
    wear pink with intention, embodying the
    spirit of daring and defying conventions. The
    Black Bay Chrono “Pink” embodies
    this audacious ethos, standing apart in a sea
    of tradition.  THE ESSENCE OF BLACK
    BAY Staying tru

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  • Watches and Wonders Geneva logo

    Watches and Wonders 2024 Takes Switzerland by Storm!

    In the heart of Switzerland, where time
    itself seems to stand still amidst the
    majestic Alps, there's an event that ignites
    the passions of watch enthusiasts worldwide:
    Watches and Wonders. As April 13th 2024
    approaches, the anticipation builds to a
    fever pitch, as enthusiasts eagerly await the
    unveiling of the latest horological marvels.
    Among the lineup of prestigious watch brands
    set to dazzle audiences, a few titans stand
    ready to steal the spotlight with their
    unparalleled craftsmanship and
    innovation. Prepare to be spellbound as
    Rolex, Tudor, TAG Heuer, and Grand Seiko
    converge at Watches and Wonders 2024, each
    bringing their unique vision and expertise to
    the forefront of haute horology. From the
    timeless elegance of Rolex to the adventurous
    spirit of Tudor, these brands epitomize the
    pinnacle of craftsmanship and
    innovation. Amidst the excitement and

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  • Rolex Grand Slam of Show Jumping

    Rolex Grand Slam of Show Jumping

    Widely considered the greatest challenge in
    equestrianism, the Rolex Grand Slam of Show
    Jumping rewards the outstanding rider who
    wins, consecutively, the Grand Prix at three
    of the four Majors, namely, The Dutch Masters
    in ’s-Hertogenbosch, the CSIO Spruce
    Meadows ‘Masters’ Tournament in
    Calgary, the CHIO Aachen and the CHI Geneva.
    To date, Rolex Testimonee Scott Brash from
    Scotland is the only competitor to achieve
    the feat, having done so across 2014 and

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  • Oyster Perpetual Sea-Dweller Citizen of the Deep

    Oyster Perpetual Sea-Dweller Citizen of the Deep

    Rolex created the Oyster Perpetual
    Sea-Dweller in 1967 to meet the challenge of
    prolonged underwater missions. The
    Sea-Dweller is specifically designed for
    saturation diving. Thanks to its helium
    escape valve, it can withstand decompression
    on ascent and master the return to the
    surface – the final phase of deep-sea

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  • Oyster Perpetual Essence of the Oyster

    Oyster Perpetual Essence of the Oyster

    Watches in the Oyster Perpetual range are
    symbols of universal and classic style, while
    offering essential day-to-day functions
    – hours, minutes and seconds. Firmly
    rooted in the pioneering origins of Rolex,
    these models embody timeless form and
    function. They represent timepieces in their
    purest form.

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